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Roof Top Supplements

Your Ethical Insurance Supplement Company

About Us

Roof Top Supplements is a specialized supplement firm that is designed to cater to roofing contractors and assists in the insurance claims process by estimating and negotiating a fair settlement for our customers and their homeowners. Each claim is handled as if we were our clients and with the highest integrity. We design a plan for each company to ensure our estimates are tailored to each customer. We handle the supplement process from start to finish and request every single item from the insurance company that we can document and justify. We also handle other types of supplements, so feel free to contact us or fill out the Company Info Sheet and we can discuss your businesses specific needs.

What We Do

We are a company that knows Roofing and Insurance Estimates. We use this knowledge to provide estimates to Roofing Contractors in order to request more money, or a Supplement, from insurance carriers. We provide a complete estimate done in the same computer software as the insurance carriers, but to your specifications. We provide the explanation as to why we are requesting the additional funds. This takes all of the knowledge we have and puts it in your hands.

Who We Are

Simply put, we are all former insurance company workers and roofing contractors. Because we have both sides on one team, we are in a unique position to help our clients. We know the trade secrets from both sides. We know insurance carrier specifics for various companies that we have worked for in the past. We also maintain our finger on the pulse of the industries by still being in the field VIA our sister company, Roof Top Consultants. We aren’t just estimators behind a desk. We still enjoy the hot summers and cold winters on Roof Top’s!

Need Insurance Claims Assistance?

The Insurance Claim Supplement Process

  • Step 1

    Claim Info

    You send us the pertinent information. We need the entire Insurance Company Estimate in PDF form (Please No Photos of the Estimates). We also ask for any pictures you may have (we recommend company cam) and a brief description of what you believe is missing from the estimate and any concerns you may have (Price Per Sq is low, did not pay for code items, ect)

  • Step 2

    Claim Review

    We review each claim thoroughly to determine if a supplement is necessary and to see if we need more claim specific info such as pictures or measurements. If we decline to supplement, there is no charge for the review. If we need more information, it will be requested at this time.

  • Step 3

    Supplement Submission

    We prepare our estimates using Xactimate. We include a summary of our requests in the email and notate the additional line items within the estimate. We also include any photos or documentation we have to support our supplement request. We then submit the estimate to the Insurance Carrier on your behalf.

  • The 3 steps above take approximately 48-72 hours once all documentation that we request has been received.

  • Step 4

    Follow Ups

    We begin to follow up with phone calls and emails 7 days after the Supplement is submitted to allow time for processing and review. We then follow up a minimum of 2x a week until the supplement is resolved or denied. This is by far the most tedious and most important part of this process. We have a dedicated follow up team and updates are provided to each of our customers weekly or upon request.

  • Step 5

    Agreed Final Scope

    Once we come to an agreement on the valuation of loss with the insurance company, we request an updated estimate from them. While some insurance companies have no problem with this, others adamantly refuse to provide us with their updated estimate and will only provide this information to the homeowner. We are usually able to get the Replacement Cost or Total on the claim, but we may have to ask our clients to contact their homeowners to obtain the updated insurance estimate in order to confirm what we have been told.

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What We Charge

We wanted the billing process to be simple. We do not keep cards on file. We do not charge a “Guaranteed Minimum”. We don’t charge to review claims, or give an opinion. We bill out on supplements that are approved weekly with Net-7 terms for all of our customers. To discuss our exact fee, please fill out the New Client Information Sheet below or contact us.

Our Service Area

We currently serve The US and Canada ONLY. If you are outside this area, please contact us and we will do our best to try and assist you.

To Begin Working With Us

Please fill out the New Client Information sheet below and one of our representatives will contact you as soon as possible.

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